Please arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment. If you are receiving multiple day spa treatments, spa attire and slippers will be provided for you when you arrive. Your clothes and possessions will be in a locker for the duration of your appointment at Dolce. You will be asked to fill out a Massage, Waxing and/or Facial profile. These may be filled out ahead of time by printing out the forms located below. Guests under the age of 18 will need a guardian's signature on these forms.

For your convenience, showers are available for you to use before and/or after treatments. If you wish to shower in between treatments, please notify the Client Coordinator scheduling your treatments to allow enough time for you to do so.

You will be asked to undress to your comfort level for body treatments. Your therapist will keep your body draped with sheets during the treatment and only expose the areas being worked on. With treatments such as body wraps, you will be draped with hand towels in order to reap maximum benefits. Undergarments may be kept on, or swimsuits may be worn if that is your comfort level. If you are receiving a body wrap or body polish, do not shave or wax your legs at least 8 hours prior to treatment. For gentlemen, please shave two hours prior to your facial treatments.

Give your therapist feedback as to your comfort and special trouble areas. We are here to make this the most relaxing and beneficial treatment for you, so tell us what your needs are. If you would rather enjoy the treatment in silence, that is your choice as well. Relax and enjoy the benefits of the spa, allowing others to "do for you," but respect that the room must be prepared and used for the next client. Please know that you must leave the room upon completion of treatment within a reasonable amount of time.

Please know that you are in a professional spa therapy operation and do not expect anything other than therapeutic or spa treatments.

Leaving gratuity is always left to the discretion of our clients. As in all service-related businesses, it is common practice to leave gratuity when the professional has performed a service to the client's satisfaction. Customary gratuity in day spas is 20% or more of the full value of the treatment. Unless noted, gift certificates for treatments and/or packages do not include gratuities.

For safety reasons, the maximum occupancy of each spa room, with the exception of the companion room, is two people. Any adults accompanying you to your spa services are welcome to wait in the relaxation room.

We ask that you turn your cell phone off while in the spa for the relaxation of other guests. Thank you!